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Main » 2010 » November » 10 » All for the front, everything for victory!
10:33 PM
All for the front, everything for victory!
Workers, farmers, intellectuals from the early days of the war carried out their sacred duty, swelling the ranks of the army. 26000 Karachais went to the front. Organizations Osoaviahima were trained and sent to the front 26 355 cavalrymen, 35,200 mountain shooters, 32,650 radio operators, telecommunication workers, 18,850 drivers and motorcyclists, with several hundred airmen. Defense organizations have prepared 10,000 nurses, about 30,000 health druzhinnits for front and rear.

Officers and men, leaving the front and swore to perform their sacred duty to their country. And they kept their oath with honor.

Strengthen defense power of the country, collecting warm clothing for soldiers, surrounded by care and attention of a family of soldiers, have the patronage of the hospitals.

World history does not know of another example, when the population of the country, people of different ages and professions on their own initiative, at the behest of his heart so actively participated to the collection and sending the front presents and warm clothes in blood donations, fundraising for the production of different types of armament, in the conduct of Sundays and active subscription to the war loans, as it was in the USSR during the Great Patriotic War.

May 17, 1943 in The Red Karachay was published telegram Malokarachaevskogo Secretary of the District Committee of the CPSU (b) Khadzhiev: "Pass the collective farmers and workers Malokarachaevskogo area to collect one million rubles to build combat aircraft" Kolhoznik Karachi, fraternal greetings and gratitude to the Red Army . Stalin. "

Another was the Great Patriotic War. Soviet troops, leading the offensive battle, moved to the West. In the rear, a thousand miles away from the front of special settlers worked 12-14 hours without tiring. Most worked in the collective and state farms and MTS. As reported from the field party organs, among Karachais were many leaders of manufacture.

For outstanding achievement in the cultivation of sugar beet young karachaevki Nuzula Kubanova, Patiala Shidakova, Tamara Abdullayev was awarded the Order of Lenin to the rank of Hero of Socialist Labor.

Since the autumn of 1942 unfolded active guerrilla movement in the North Caucasus. Altogether, according to incomplete statistics, in the North Caucasus and Stalingrad region was established 250 guerrilla groups and groups that included more than 250 thousand people. A heroic death in defense of their homeland fell glorious daughter of Karachay people Zalihat Erkenova.

In November 1942, in Kislovodsk German Gestapo shot plucky karachaevkuyu partisan Z. Erkenovu award-four state awards. Before the execution, it has managed to convey a letter home in which there are lines like: "Dear Mom, I will soon be shot, but do not weep for me to avenge the Soviet Army, and my daughter to bring up the Soviet power."

However, her daughter Zarema deported to Central Asia, despite the fact that her mother gave her life for the Soviets, and his father - an officer Yunus Urusov heroically fought on the Leningrad front.

Karachais in the Great Patriotic War

Envoys of the mountainous region, not sparing their lives to defend Moscow and Leningrad, fought at Stalingrad and Kursk, freed from the enemy, Budapest, Warsaw and Prague, participated in the storming of Berlin. 14000 Karachais were awarded high military decorations, and 14 of them named a Hero of the Soviet Union. In the struggle against the fascist invaders immortalized his name son Karachay Osman Kasayev. Partisan detachment under the command of Kasayeva defeated 27 enemy garrisons and destroyed up to 4 thousand Nazis, spent more than 100 other major acts of sabotage and operations. Osman Kasayev died February 17, 1944 he was posthumously awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union.

In the battles with the Nazis brought together over thousands of girls from Karachi and Balkaria. Komsomolskaya Zoya Dagova was a radio operator on the destroyer's Black Sea Fleet, commanded a cavalry Halimat Ebzeev intelligence, sisters of mercy were Fatima Chihanchieva, Sofiyat Hotchaeva, Zuhra Erkenova Rosa Urtenova, Fronza Haunezheva etc.

Almost all of the Karachay and Balkar was Dovatora Cavalry Corps, bravely defended Moscow. 

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